Miss Bun makes her bed

Miss Bun makes her bed

Miss Bun is very pleased with the 1/12 scale bed and bedding I created!

The wooden bed design is by @annwood and I added a bunny motif. It was quite fiddly to make but I like the rustic finish.

The mattress is made from calico and stuffed with specialist toy stuffing straw. I created the sheets and pillowcases from an antique pillowcase which is lovely and soft. I machine stitched the top sheet and pillowcases with a scalloped edge and carefully cut the fabric away from the scallops!! 😜

Finally the hand stitched patchwork quilt I designed and made coordinates well with everything … including Miss Bun herself!! She jumped into the bed when my back was turned & found it very cosy! Swipe left to see more pics🐰💕💜

If you would like to commission any of the items shown send me a message through the Contact Page 
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