Customised Embroidery for Backs of Converse & Process for Ordering

For Brides, Grooms, Bridesmaids & Bestmen

Please note the embroidery service is for Converse you have already purchased. 

The backs of your Converse can be personalised with the wedding date, the initials of the Bride/Groom and two hearts or a flower or star, or whatever you have in mind as long as it fits within a 1.5cm strip … 

The pics in the gallery give you an idea of the kind of design you can have done. Gail is very skilled about helping you have something created that's completely unique to you. 

The price will depend on the design you want but embroidery like the backs of the Converse below costs from £58

Embroidered Converse are the perfect keepsake of the Wedding day. 

Embroidered Converse backs with lettering in gold and green thread and gold heartsEmbroidered backs of Converse with initials, date of wedding and hearts


1. Arrange a Design Consultation with Gail online or in person if you are in South Wales. 

2. A 50% deposit is required before work starts

2. Agree the design

3. Send your Converse by Special Delivery to Gail / deliver them yourself if local. 

4. The Converse will be returned to you by an agreed date either by collection in person or by Special Delivery. The balance is paid before the Converse are returned. 

Contact Gail using the form below for a response within 24 hours xx

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